Established together as a skate crew in 2011 From a Strict Lifestyle Based on Knowledge, Actions, Outlook, Appearance, and Understanding of the Mindset of the HSMSMSC Unorganized Skateboarding Organization. We are a Group of People who do NOT Hold a Image/Opinion Based on Popularity After years of trial, error, spliffs, way too much Chick-Fil-A, Metro Hopping, and a bunch of other activities, We decided as a whole to make Skateboard Griptape. Of course, if you know, we will continue to venture out and make misc. objects and clothes as well. We stand for authencity and real opinions. The Hella Stoops Mafia Skate Mob Skate Crew International Frik Head Skateboarding Organization Does Not Care About Hypebeast/Fake Fashion/Whatever is Currently Trending On Social Media. We are all About Face to Face Interactions Where Emotions Can be Seen, Heard, and Felt in the Flesh. Everything we Create Comes from the Heart with the Intention to Skate in/be Active in Daily. Every Order that is Made is 100% Apprectiated and Valued. To all who Supports us, Thank You